Makhmudjanova Komila Sultanovna

Makhmudjanova Komila Sultanovna

Academic Secretary

                                           Makhmudjanova Komila Sultanovna (performing her duties since April 1, 2021).

Makhmudjanova Komila Sultanovna was born in 1956 in Tashkent, Uzbek, higher education.

1978-2014. Graduate Teaching Assistant, Senior Teacher, Associate Professor, Professor, Head of the Chair “Technology of Dosage Forms” at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute

2014-2016. Professor of the Chair “Medicines Technology” at the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy

2017-2019 Chief Editor of the magazine "Pharmclub Uzbekistan"

2019-2021. Head of the Laboratory “Culture Media” at the Tashkent Scientific and Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums.