Ashurov Abdurakhmon Akbaralievich

Ashurov Abdurakhmon Akbaralievich


                              Ashurov Abdurakhmon Akbaralievich (performing his duties since November 8, 2018).

Ashurov Abdurakhmon Akbaralievich was born in 1961 in Andijan Region, Uzbek, member of UzLiDep, higher education;

1997-2018 yy. Specialist of the 1st category of the General Directorate for Quality Control of Medicines and Medical Equipment, Head of the Certification Sector, Leading Specialist, Deputy Head of the Medical Products Certification Body, Head of the Laboratory for Quality Control of Medical Technology Equipment and Medical Devices.

2018 Chief Specialist of the Department for Coordination of Work on the Introduction of International Standards in the Pharmaceutical Industry under the State Expertise and Standardization Center for Medical Products, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment.